mardi 1 novembre 2011

Jah Youssouf & Bintou Coulibaly

"My introduction to Jah Youssouf's (b. 1970) music came in a very 21st century western way: I heard a couple of his songs from a web based mp3 store called in early 2006 when I was living in Chicago. Calabash is no longer around, but it was nice because you could search for music by country, and they had an extensive African library. I was browsing through the music from Mali, and I came across a couple of tracks from Jah Youssouf's album Son Son Son. His music struck me as being such an interesting combination of influences - distinctly West African but somehow referencing something much larger. At some point, I did a Google search for Jah Youssouf and discovered that he actually had a website and was doing a little bit of touring in Canada. I looked into trying to see a show of his, but the timing was bad so I couldn't catch him. [...]

A couple years later I decided to try and take a trip to Mali. [...] In a great stroke of luck, I got an email from one of Jah's Canadian friends and he kindly invited me out to his house in Moribabougou for lunch (about 30 minutes outside of Bamako). [...] I brought my little Zoom recorder to our lunch date, and we did a little bit of casual recording at his home. I was hooked. I was immediately struck not only by Jah's gifts (which I already had some exposure too) but also by his wife Bintou's prowess as a musician. I was completely enchanted and enveloped by Jah and Bintou's music. [...] I hope you enjoy these recordings.

Brad Loving (a.k.a. Lobisomem)/August, 2011

Sababou l'album de Jah Youssouf & Bintou Coulibaly est dispo en vynil et en K7 chez Tall Corn Music

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