samedi 29 octobre 2011

Garçon esseulé

Les Clefs Noires sont de retours et la Souris Dangereuse est toujours aux consoles. Sortie de l'album le 6 décembre. Ils ne devraient pas rester seuls bien longtemps...

PS : le clip des Black Keys, me rappelle un des mes clips préféré, Praise You (FatBoy Slim) de Spike Jonze... Je crois que j'ai un problème avec la dance libre...

Bonus wiki : "[Spike] Jonze has many alter egos, including Richard Koufey (alternately spelled Coufey or Couffe), the leader of the Torrance Community Dance Group, an urban troupe that performs in public spaces. The Koufey persona appeared when Jonze, in character, filmed himself dancing to Fatboy Slim's "Rockafeller Skank" as it played on a boom box in a public area. Spike showed the video to Slim, who loved it. Jonze then assembled a group of dancers to perform to Slim's "Praise You" outside a Westwood, California movie theater and taped the performance. The resulting clip was a huge success, and "Koufey" and his troupe were invited to New York City to perform the song for the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. The video received awards for Best Direction, Breakthrough, and Best Choreography, which Jonze accepted, still in character. Jonze made a mockumentary about the experience called Torrance Rises."

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