jeudi 19 mai 2011


So today we're having a nice song. Yes, it is Suicide and I know it's not very daring and avant-garde to put a Suicide song on a blog but what if the song is nice, and I like it? I could put a song by the Velvet Underground if I wanted to (wouldn't make a massive difference mind you).

Also, I can't manage to listen to anything at the moment; old/new I'd take it if I liked it. But I can't. Is there a cure? Maybe wait for a bit (who knows) - silence?

I've been to the Mute festival in Roundhouse last Friday but I don't remember much of it. So that's not helpful. I'll try to get focused and write a review.

Also been to see Meat Beat Manifesto when they were in London last month but I'm not sure I want to say what I want to say about it. So that's it.

Suicide - Dream Baby Dream (1979)

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