lundi 18 avril 2011

Full Chrome Logic

How amazing it is to find patterns in our day-to-day lives. Questions came to my mind as I was making coffee: are those patterns a product of our need to arrange chaos into order or are they the result of the limitation of our self to see more variety in our surroundings? Or, if you decide that the questions are not mutually exclusive but are equal parts of the same question: Are those patterns representative of our need to mark the familiar in our surroundings? Of course, I should define what I mean by patterns and all the different elements in my questions but I am sure a philosopher/poet/artist/whoever-suitable has thought this idea through so if you know their name, please leave a comment.

Anyway, reading Tamara’s choice yesterday (HTRK or Hate Rock Trio), before I start listening to the album, I remember – ‘I remember this name’. I had seen it before on one of my Spotify wanderings so I look at my playlists and see Weird Rock. That would be the one. Nostalgia is there with Beak> Beak>, Blood On The Wall Awesomer, Tickley Feather Hors d’Oeuvres. Later in the evening I choose to listen to the first song on Nostalgia which is 1 Hate Rock Trio.
The white noise normalized, the banging of concrete sounds in reverberation, this is familiar. And then I can picture in my head a desiccated landscape, cactuses ('cacti' sounds terrible), and a blinding sunlight, half of the front cover in ochre. I know which band I’m thinking about and I know the album but I forgot the words in the title. It is Sonic Youth on a sky-blue transparent record and it is a soundtrack. I go on my search engine and type in ‘sonic youth soundtrack’ and it propels us to SONICYOUTH.COM DISCOGRAPHY: SOUNDTRACKS.

And then I realise, this is great, the record is called Made in USA; Jean-Luc Godard, the sand, the beach, HTRK are Australians, hey, this is all linked. Ok now I am writing it down, it does not seem as great an illustration of my questioning as I thought it could be.

Perhaps those connections are better left inside my brain, or perhaps I am a poor storyteller. Proust would be appalled. Oh, one of the songs on Made in USA is called Secret Girl and one of the songs on Nostalgia is called Look At That Girl! Ok, I give up.

Sonic Youth - The Velvet Plug (1988)

*Secret Girl was originally released on Sister (1986)

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Northy a dit…

From Chaos ( to Butterflies ( to Keanu ( Are we all connected, or is this just another man-made attempt to 'formalise' life as we know it...? We must all live within our means!

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