jeudi 31 mars 2011

Literary Mashup #3

"-Money...? in a voice that rustled.
-Paper, yes.
-And we'd never seen it. Paper money.
-We never saw paper money till we came east.
-It looked so strange the first time we saw it. Lifeless.
-You couldn't believe it was worth a thing.
-Not after Father jingling his change.
-Those were silver dollars.
-And silver halves, yes and quarters, Julia. The ones from his pupils. I can hear him now...
Sunlight, pocketed in a cloud, spilled suddenly broken across the floor through the leaves of the trees outside.
-Coming up the veranda, how he jingled when he walked."

from William Gaddis's JR, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc 1975

The Fall - Dr Buck's Letter (2000)

pix Walker Evans - Two men seated

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