lundi 14 octobre 2013

Mini And Dusty

I won't put any funny, weird, inappropriate symbols and punctuation in the title of this playlist - where I have put together a few tracks, some minimal, others less so (really? no I guess they are all minimal) - simply because producers of minimal music like to do that kind of thing. And now I end up with a sentence that does exactly the contrary of what I have just said. Almost.

 Ok, I am putting together more playlists, I have been back on the twitter scene - see London gigs posted. I am still thinking about that Peter Ivers post I am yet to finish/start writing.
And this is all very exciting of course. Planning on finding interviews. Building shelves. Painting face masks. Nope, not the last one.

Great, I love you too. And yes, there is a track by Dusty Springfield. Funny hey?

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