mercredi 28 mars 2012

T'as pas autre chose pour danser ? a mixtape by theofflinepeople

Ella somehow couldn’t stop her mind meandering while the sales assistant gave her advice. She was pressing the different materials with her fingertips, shifting clothes right and left to see the front and the back dancing on the rail. She went from a jungle theme to a spaceship theme, fairytales and kinky maids, vegetables. She looked in her handbag and counted the notes she had stacked in her purse. She knew she shouldn’t carry this much money. It didn’t help with the sales assistant determination to flog her something she didn’t want. She went on to another alley. She hadn’t said a word yet. She picked up a pair of earrings and let them shine in her hand. The sales assistant was getting impatient. She was trying her best to hide the tension behind her smile. The doorbell rang. The sales assistant would be back in a sec’.
Ella placed the earrings in her handbag. She walked to the shoe department. She sat on the bench and crossed her legs, stretched her shin by extending her foot into a point. She wanted the sales assistant to take off her shoe and bring a pair of heels to try on. She wasn’t going to wait any longer, the service here was appalling. She balanced her shoe merely hanging on her toe to the binary rhythm of the music. Too long had passed, the shoe described a final arc before falling onto the floor. The noise it made was barely noticeable, hidden by the bass ramping up vibrations in the speakers.

She waved her foot a little longer. Already the sales assistant had abandoned her new customer to come back to her. Ella had cocked her head to one side, one of her hands caressing her throat. She held the sales assistant’s gaze and pointed at a pair of shoes with her forefinger. Her eyes were now fixed on the pair of shoes. She hated them. Their colour, their shape, and the bleached leather. The sales assistant was immobile, arms folded above her waist. Her smile was flattened into a straight line.

Ella bended forward and let her palm run from her knee to her ankle along the leg she kept firmly anchored to the floor in a pivot. She closed her hand around the heel of her stiletto and undressed her foot. She stood up, towering a few inches above the head of the sales assistant. She had narrowed her eyes but she could still see a figure approaching on her side. She hated security guards. She flipped her shoe where the other shoe had landed. She was feeling despicable and overdramatic but deference was not the way she had been brought up.

Achylles Brown

T'as pas autre chose pour danser ? a mixtape by theofflinepeople

01 Steve Reich - Typing music (genesis xvi)
02 Mickey Moonlight - Interplanetary Music (Riton's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Re-Rub)
03 Beaunoise - Invention #3 (for Serge Modular Synthesizer)
04 Battant - Kevin (1989) (Andrew Weatherall remix)
05 Pole - Sylenstein (Deadbeat remix)
06 Mock & Toof - Farewell to wendo
07 Alog - Mlo brenn om natta
08 Senor Coconut - Behind the mask (Ricardo Villalobos remix)
09 Louderbach - So this is control
10 Steve Reich - Typing music (genesis xvi)

pix : Boris Ignatovich

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