samedi 5 novembre 2011

Laisse moi kiffer les (bad) vibes avec Shlohmo

"Inspired by the desire to write songs and create a release of full-range instrumentation and vocals all his own, Laufer promptly began home-recording Bad Vibes, his proper full-length debut album. [...]  Some might say the songs on Bad Vibes represent the spawn of a new "rhythm and blues" - one that swings and sways under the backbone of Henry's own take on modern electronic music. Augmented with delicate slide guitar playing, homemade synth sounds and lilting, tuneful melodies, Shlohmo's latest output is one that will take you places - specifically the un-paralleled vibes swirling through this young man's head."

Je ne suis pas sur de voir le rapport avec le Rhythm and Blues mais je suis sur que c'est un excellent album. Plus d'infos sur Tall Corn Music

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