jeudi 30 juin 2011

Interview : Berg Sans Nipple (Shane Aspegren)

1. Your first musical memories?
I remember completely destroying the first toy drumset that I got for Christmas. I also have fond memories of AM radio in the countryside of Nebraska.

2. The best record you received as a present? / The worse one?
Lori gave me a couple of Gainsbourg discs for my birthday shortly after I first moved to Paris. It was a good marker of that time.

Worst? I remember getting some new age Christmas music from a relative when I was a teenager.

3. The first record that you lost?
I must not have been very attached to it because nothing comes to mind. I’m sure it was some metal from my childhood.

4. The name of your imaginary band?
Sri Lanka Best Pink is my band with my daughters. It’s not imaginary, but for the moment, we talk about it more than we actually make songs, so I guess it’s kind of imaginary.

5. In which environment do you like to record music?
Somewhere with windows and sunlight.

6. What will music sound like in 50 years / 5000 years?
It will sound like the present, I suppose.

7. Which underrated album will start a new musical genre?
Fang Bwiti – Music from an Equitorial Microcosm

8. Which album should never have been made?
It’s all good in some way or another.

9. Your favourite album to have a drink?
Any Studio One compilation would work well for an apero.

10. Your dream collaboration?
Luis Bunuel would come back from the dead and we could score a film for him. The film would be, of course, about him coming back to life.

11. The record that freaks you out?
Steve Reich’s Pendulum Music just came on a while ago and it is pretty stressful.

12. The record you would like to listen to right now?
I’ve been listening to Let England Shake from PJ Harvey a lot lately. I could listen again right now.

13. The film that tickles your creativity?
Bernard Hermann‘s scores in any of his Hitchcock films makes me wish that I could score an orchestra.

14. The little-known track thateveryone should have heard of?
Afe Ato Yen Bio - De Frank & His Professionals

15. An album or an artist you wouldn’t want to be?
I’d rather focus on what I would like to be.

16. The cover version you would love to do?
A Gringo Like Me – Ennio Morricone

17. The mashup you would love to do?
A puree of sweet potatoes, parsnips and ginger.

18. The text you would like to produce a soundtrack for?
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

19. Have you ever had auditory hallucinations?
Every day.

20. How would you like to die?
Too much love.

Go to their website, to their myspace, see Change the shape (their new single) and listen to them on spotify

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