dimanche 6 mars 2011

Interview : Meat Beat Manifesto

1. Your first musical memories?
The sound effects in 'bleep and booster'.

2. The best record you received as a present? / The worse one?
Best : The Stark Reality Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop / Worst ? none

3. The first record that you lost?
Liquid Liquid

4. The name of your imaginary band?
Noggy Pisto

5. In which environment do you like to record music?
Terra Firma

6. What will music sound like in 50 years / 5000 years?
Kepler's Harmony of the Spheres

7. Which underrated album will start a new musical genre?
Johannes Kepler's Harmony of the Spheres (In fact it's a book)

8. Which album should never have been made?
Johannes Kepler's Harmony of the Spheres

9. Your favourite album to have a drink?
Johannes Kepler's Harmony of the Spheres

10. Your dream collaboration?
Johannes Kepler

11. The record that freaks you out?
A Child's Voice

12 . The record you would like to listen to right now?
Thomas Dissevelt - Fantasy in Orbit

13. The film that tickles your creativity?
Walkabout by Nicolas Roeg

14. The little-known track that everyone should have heard of?
Peristaltic Wave

15. An album or an artist you wouldn’t want to be?
There's too many to mention

16. The cover version you would love to do?
five friendly aliens

17. The mashup you would love to do?
John Cage - 4'33' and Jonty Semper's Kentaphion

18. The text you would like to produce a soundtrack for?
Edward Lear

19. Have you ever had auditory hallucinations?

20. How would you like to die?

Learn more on Meat Beat Manifesto, go to their website and their myspace.

Selected discography on spotify : Armed Audio Warfare (1990), Subliminal Sandwich (1996), Tino's Break Volume 1 & 2 (2002), At the center (2005)

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