vendredi 11 mars 2011

Back in the Village, a mixtape by

The fog is still heavy and I’m a bit out of breath. I thought I did alright but now I realise I must have taken a wrong turn near the boulder and got further in the wood rather than near the bank of the river. Now I’ve got to get back some way and find a high point by the river to get a clear view. I bet the North Star is already up and I’m not gonna find my way if I carry on wandering around. I better settle down here but I need to play it quietly. God knows where they are now. I’ll set off early and go up to the gorge. I’ll get a good spot and find a clear view. Won’t miss them, there’s only one way to go on that river. It’s not good to be here right now. I’ll get up with the first light in the morning or even earlier. I can’t be that far from the bank of the river. I better not mess around and take a clean shot that’s all I need. My eyes are blurred with sweat and I’m tired of having been running around. I can’t believe this lot. Just got it wrong I guess. I better get a few hours sleep or I’m not gonna shoot right I know it. God that was bad but I think I’m having a bit of luck. The fog is getting thinner soon I’ll see a few stars. I’ll just settle down by that tree and close my eyes for a while. It really went wrong and I better fix it. I know I’ll fix it. I wish I could have a bit more practice with that shotgun but that would just scare them away. Bought it brand new last week but you never know when it’s gonna jam. Alright, I better sleep. I know I’ll do fine.

It smells of damp. So cold I’m shivering. The stars are up and I can see a line of morning in the horizon. That’s when I need to be focused. I know where I am. I’m not even far from the gorge. I’ll be there before the sun is up and when I’m done with it I’ll be back in no time in Aintry. Won’t take me long. I better make a move or I’m gonna miss them. They’ll be on that river, won’t they? Just have to find that good spot with a clear view.

Achylles Brown

Back in the Village, a mixtape by the offline people

01 Philip Glass - Etoile polaire (North Star)
02 Bonnie Dobson - Thyme
03 Trader Horne - Three Rings For Elven Kings
04 Mark Fry - Dreaming with Alice Verse 9-10
05 Wil Malone - Down Maundies
06 Judy Collins - Farewell to Tarwathie
07 Mark Isham - Here come the weavers
08 Incredible String Band - Black Jack Davey
09 James Newton Howard - Race To Resting Rock
10 Pentangle - A Maid That's Deep in Love
11 Terry Tucker - Overture To The Sun
12 Basil Poledouris - Agnes's wagon
13 David Bowie - The Laughing Gnome

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