lundi 10 janvier 2011

Interview : To Rococo Rot (Robert Lippok)

1. Your first musical memories?
The soundtrack from a Sunday matinee TV programm. If I remember right it was some early baroque chamber music. I just googled it. Its"Tedesca" by Giorgio Mainerio. Maybe more Renaissance than Baroque.

2. The best record you received as a present? / The worse one?
Best: Choere und Soli by Die Toedliche Doris ( Birthday present by my brother Ronald )
Worst: my subconscious was so kind to erase this memory.

3. The first record that you lost?
Not lost but first stolen was: Worship The Glitch by ElpH vs Coil

4. The name of your imaginary band?
In den Himmel wachsende Neffen lutschen gefaehrliche Eiszapfen

5. In which environment do you like to record music?
Daylight / Sunshine / 23 degrees / the deadline two month ahead or
Night time / Moonlight / 28 degrees / the deadline is in two hours

6. What will music sound like in 50 years / 5000 years?
In 50 years there will be just folk music
In 5000 years there will be no music anymore

7. Which underrated album will start a new musical genre?
Unborn Again by Elmore Judd – Skull funk

8. Which album should never have been made?
Can´t think of one. Even the worst records can start a fine and inspiring conversation. Lets start with……

9. Your favourite album to have a drink?
Whos Your New Professor by Sam Prekop

10. Your dream collaboration?
Mike Kelley

11. The record that freaks you out?
Bangs & Works Vol.1 – Planet Mu Records

12. The record you would like to listen to right now?
O by Oval

13. The film that tickles your creativity?
La Jetée by Chris Marker

14. The little-known track that everyone should have heard of?
Back At Ten ( Fast ) by Kotai / EMD 007

15. An album or an artist you wouldn’t want to be?
Meistersinger von Nuernberg by Richard Wagner

16. The cover version you would love to do?
Darling Nikki by Prince and the Revolution

17. The mashup you would love to do?
Arvo Pärt vs Fela Kuti vs Crooklyn Dub Consortium

18. The text you would like to produce a soundtrack for?
Gestes et opinions du docteur Faustroll, pataphysicien by Alfred Jarry

19. Have you ever had auditory hallucinations?
After a long studio session working with headphones all night. I was sitting on the bed in my hotel room. Suddenly I heard grumpy old men passing by. Talking in unknown languages. After a while the scene changed and I heard an opera choir. But it sounded like they had taken drugs and were driving 300 miles per hour. Very fast and crazy compositions. Like sitting in an acoustic rollercoaster. It had nothing to do with the music I made before which was very minimal and electronic. After a while I started to ignore the choir and fell asleep. In the morning the hallucinations were gone and never came back.

20. How would you like to die?
Bitten by a vampire !

Go to their website, their myspace and listen to them on spotify

To come in 2011 :
- Re-release of Veicolo by to rococo rot on Gustaff Records
- New Record by B.I.L.L. (Clive Bell, Jochen Irmler, Jaki Liebezeit & Robert Lippok)
- Robert Lippok solo record on Raster Noton
- Photo exhibition of Stefan Schneider at Staatsgalerie Berlin
- New Tarwater album

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