lundi 13 décembre 2010

Come together fat bottomed girls, a mixtape by

This is the latest. I am standing in front of a sink, stainless steel, cold water running on a colander full of half-peeled cobblestones, or at least that’s what they feel like to my hands, dry skin, ploughed field, a knife in my hand. Sloppy Joe, that’s my name, I’ll teach you to dance when I’m done with the remaining twelve kilos. I’ll stick around for a bit, babe, come to see me at bar. D’Arcy said she would drop by, she’s been depressed since the burglary, not that they got much but Billy’s box is gone, can’t be replaced. I tap my feet to shake the cold, Dee Dee at the other side of the kitchen taking the beat home, the man on top, now I’m getting sour. I better get on with it, soon I’ll be off for a dance, checking out the evening birds. I just hope I won’t see Gladys, she’s quite pissed off ‘cause I still haven’t sent her her letter – Marvin’s on a solo on the saucepans. These guys seem to be having fun, I’m peeling a few more kilos but believe you me, I won’t be mopping the floor. I’ll be off in an hour, honey, to pick up Gary on my way to the disco and sweat and dance till quarter to three, almost feeling the groovy beat now.

Achylles Brown

Come together fat bottomed girls, a mixtape by the offline people by the-offline-people-8

01 Go Home Productions - 2000 Light Years From Bolan (Rolling Stones vs T.Rex)
02 G3RSt - Dub of Fire (Johnny Cash vs King Tubby)
03 Go Home Productions - Rolling Confusion (Rolling Stones vs The Temptations)
04 Laibach - Life Is Life (Opus cover)
05 Girl Talk - Oh No extract (Black Sabbath vs 2Pac vs Ludacris)
06 Mighty Mike - Fuck henrietta (Cee lo Green vs The Fratellis)
07 Mad Mix Mustang - Fat Bottomed Girls Come Together (Queen vs The Beatles)
08 anomymous - Black Is Back (AC-DC vs Public Enemy)
09 Girl Talk - Every Day extract (Fine Young Cannibals vs Gucci Mane feat. Swizz Beatz"
10 DJ Zebra - Rock'n'Roll Train in the Tardis (Goldfrapp vs Gary Glitter vs The Timelords)
11 Cuizinier - J'aime bouger ça (Real 2 real cover)
12 Marc Johnce - Flex gym duck (Duck Sauce vs Dizzee Rascal vs Ray Krebbs)
13 Depeche Mode - Personal jesus (Boys Noize rework)
14 anomymous - riders on the storm (The Doors vs Snoop Dog)

pix : eric william carroll

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