jeudi 21 octobre 2010

Reverberation (The crooner was fucked), a mixtape by The Offline People

Walks out of the Green Man. Stops and takes off her glasses to rub her eyes. Crosses Bell Street and proceeds to walk down Edgware Road. Hangover skies, temperature in the lower 50s. Porcelain skin, short wavy bob in autumnal tones. Swishes through the crowd, quickening her pace. Looks at her watch. Comes to a halt. Studies a shop window. Enters the shop – Henry’s, suppliers of electronic equipment. Twelve minutes later comes out of the shop with a considerably large package under her right arm. Down Edgware Road. Looks at the sun. Crosses the road at the level of Cuthbert Street and carries on under the shade of the green alders. Turns left. Down Maida Avenue. Crosses again. Walks approximately four hundred yards and stops to look at the canal, her hands gripped on the railing. A light wind picks up, brushing her dress. Barges at a standstill. Walks further down the avenue. Turns right, over the bridge, onto Warwick Avenue. Carries on towards Saint Saviour’s. Starts to struggle with the weight of her package. Takes left past the church. Walks further down Warwick Avenue. Makes a stop. Puts down her package. Takes off her glasses to rub off the sweat running down her forehead into her eyes. Lets a car pass. Crosses Formosa Street. White columns and painted entrance doors. Uphill to the end of Warwick Avenue. Building works. Crosses the two-way avenue, onto Delaware Road. On the left side of the road, walks along the white building with repetitive windows. Makes a stop and turns left. Holds her package with both hands, pushes the door with her back entering the building under a heavily decorated archway. Sculptured bearded face and fruits.

This text was written using Google street view. This is an attempt to retrace Dapne Oram’s imaginary journey from the Green Man near Edgware Road to the Maida Vale Studios where the BBC Radiophonic Workshop was based.

I have to mention that I heard of the RjDj application after it was completed (I know the application is a few years old, I’m still trying to catch up with the kids). I am now aware of the similarities between the idea of a ‘soundtrack to your life’ and what I have achieved although the process was the exact opposite.

Achylles Brown

Reverberation (The Crooner Was Fucked), a mixtape by by the-offline-people-5

01 Daedelus - Fin de siecle
02 The Infesticons - World sin anthem
03 BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Sea wash on shore
04 Paris Sisters - What Am I To Do
05 Forbidden Five - Enchanted farm
06 Dr Alimantado - I Am The Greatest Says Muhammed Ali
07 Dean Martin - memories are made of this
08 BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Man climbing stone stairs
09 Brian Eno - The Big Ship
10 Martin Rev - Reading my mind
11 Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie - Neil's theme
12 Abbey Lincoln - Softly, as in a morning sunrise
13 Julianna Barwick - Cloudbank
14 BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Garden in spring time
15 Gene Vincent - Ain't she sweet
16 James Luther 'Jim' Dickinson - Bound to lose
17 BBC Radiophonic Workshop - Jungle at night
18 Sonny Sharrock - End of the rainbow
19 Patti Page - Tennessee Waltz

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