vendredi 18 juin 2010

I want to take you to the Bates Hotel, i have the key to room n°1, a mixtape by the offline people

The carpet was fixed with tape which ran in layers up to my waist on both sides of the complementary angles of the wall to cover up some apparent masonry. I passed a few doors half-open but I had already lost my way in the hotel, addled by the dazzling patterns like the ones on a battleship.

It rained inside. Buckets had been left on the floor to contain the water dripping at metronomic speed. I’d called her a few times, in vain; brass horns screamed on top of my voice from the outside, encircling the building. I got in the next room to my left. I avoided looking through the window. Shards of glass cracked under my bare foot. I held in my hand the key to room number 01 but I was scared to go down where the ground floor met the street. Delusion made me sick; we had won and I’d lost Annie. She was in the hotel. I had the key in my hand. And the band was playing.

Achylles Brown.

I want to take you to the Bates Hotel, i have key to room n°1, a mixtape by the by the offline people4

01 Howard Shore - Welcome to videodrome
02 Mark Isham - Sympathy and acknowledgement
03 Tuxedomoon - Tritone (Musica Diablo)
04 Riz Ortolani - Adulteress' punishment
05 Oneohtrix Point Never - Returnal
06 Clint Mansell - Sibling rivalry
07 Michel Colombier - Rêve
08 Janko Nilovic - Satanas
09 Nico Fidenco - Spellbound
10 Georges Delerue - Childs
11 Mary McCaslin - You keep me hangin' on
12 Junior Homrich with Brian Gascoigne - Bill searches for tommie
13 Jon Gibson - Song 3
14 Karen O - Lost fur
15 Pan Sonic - Kuu
16 Michael Nyman - Drowning by number 3
17 Odetta - No expectations

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