mardi 11 mai 2010

Music Now! a mixtape by the offline people

Navigating south through a rain of globular excerpts from the room I paused to rest my elbow on the bar, apologised when the glass spilled, straightened my arm mapping my way out of enticing karmas, pale jugulars, though I did not do well. I begged my legs to respond, pushed against him in the angular south, locked his words onto his lips, waived a glare in my eyesight emanating from mandatory shouting lights. He seemed distant and hurt my toe, not on purpose, we were crowded.

Fast forward I’m in a shop walking on a carpet of arteries – as you do in our world connected. Something is sitting on my brain. I am spiked by khaki adverts, on the way to the exit my account ploughed by barcodes and lasers.

Home he’s still there on the bed. In his sleep his stomach swallows, swells and falls. I wake him and tell him to go showing him the window.

Achylles Brown.

Music Now! a mixtape by the

01 Telepathe - In Your Line (DJ rupture + Matt Shadetek RMX)
02 LittleDragon - MyStep
03 Omikron, the nomad soul advert - Xike sport shoes
04 Disflex 6 - Sl bump (feat ehnertia)
05 Nocando - Skankophelia (prod. daedelus)
06 Omikron, the nomad soul advert - Quanta cola
07 BreaKbot - Summer Party
08 To rococo rot - Working against time
09 Omikron, the nomad soul advert - Kloops beer
10 Gucci Vump - Sha! Shtil! (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
11 Gary Beck - Drifting (Original Mix)
12 Omikron, the nomad soul advert - Khonsu
13 DJ Rupture & Andy Moor - Hot pink orleans
14 Four Tet - Pablo's heart
15 Nice Nice - one hit (7-inch edit)
16 Omikron, the nomad soul advert - Chocovat

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