samedi 27 mars 2010

15bizarrefunkgreats, a mixtape by the offline people’s a bit like the motion of a wave. Just like that: you look straight in front of you, at nothing in particular, lost in a void, and maybe just a fraction of a second before you plunge, you take a long breath and hold it in. I guess it’s more a sort of reflex than something you really have to do. I don’t know... some people dive eyes open, I never can, the salt or the chlorine make my eyes water but anyway, we get to the exciting part – that’s when you’re deep floating...

...Right, let me get to the bar, I’m so parched it makes my eyes water...

...I would have called them slap-slaps, flip-flops sounds ridiculous. Or maybe slappers...

...we took him to the doctor’s. Phil is such an ass, he wouldn’t wait with me. I said to him that’s fine, just fuck off when I need you. Anyway, I was going through the magazines – that place is so good, they have the latest, not the usual three months out-dated – and I’m there just reading about that poor Jane when Marty explodes on the glass table. All over my bloody pile of magazines. I really wish he hadn’t done that...

...and he’s always on about motherfucker this, motherfucker that... I have kids, you know. I wonder what that makes of me...

...Hey, check this one out!... was quite funny. I just didn’t laugh...

...alright, so you just what? Stay there, bum up in the air, gazing at a starfish having his meal?...

...Yeah man, that’s deep floating...

Achylles Brown

15bizarrefunkgreats, a mixtape by the offine people by the offline people 3

01 Parliament - Prelude
02 Prince - Paisley park
03 General Caine - Heartbeat
04 Commodores - Machine gun
05 Ronnie Jones - Ride your pony
06 Madhouse - Five
07 Brian Eno & David Byrne - Help me somebody
08 Bar Kays - (busted)
09 Cameo - Word up
10 Ohio Players - Do your thing
11 Cane & Able - Girl you move me
12 Mc Jean Gab1 and Tony Allen - Black (theme from the film)
13 Breakestra - Dark clouds rain soul
14 Nina Simone - Funkier than a mosquito tweeter
15 Ike & Tina Turner - Game of love

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