dimanche 29 novembre 2009

Ain't save yr soul, a mixtape by the offline people

‘My mum said I was born with this; it took me a while to be convinced I hadn’t been maltreated.’
‘You should finish your cereal, we’re going to be late.’

‘The thing is, it makes it really hard to ride a bicycle.’
‘Com’on, please, now go and get dressed.’

‘Actually I haven’t been near one for a long time. There’s dad’s old one getting rusty in the garage.’
‘I’m waiting!’

‘I should take it off the hanger. Maybe with a good coat of paint I’d manage to bring it a bit of a shine.’
‘Be careful, I don’t want you to fall down the stairs.’

‘I hope the tires are not punctured, it’s been in the sun a few years.’
‘Com’on, get in the car!’

‘Ah, there it is. Do you think I should give it a go?’
‘So it’s a big day, isn’t it? I’m sure you’ll do well. You always do.’

‘See, that’s the problem. I can’t get my foot properly on the pedal.’
‘Bloody red lights, once you get one...’

‘Oh look, it isn’t that bad. Should I give it a go do you think?’
‘I know we’re late! If only you hadn’t taken so long at breakfast...’

‘Eh, that’s it! Oh yes! Alright, I’m just going down the road and back. See you in ten.’
‘Yes, yes, I’m looking. I know what I’m doing.’

‘I LOVE YOUUuuuu!’
‘Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it.’

Achylles Brown

Ain't save yr soul, a mixtape by the offine people  by  the offline people 2

01 sunray - i wish you were mine
02 nico - these days
03 findlay brown - but you love me
04 harry nilsson - early in the morning
05 dennis wilson - thoughts of you
06 troggs - anyway that you want me (live)
07 bill drummond - queen of the south
08 townes van zandt - rake
09 van morrison - and it stoned me
10 tony joe white - willie and laura mae jones
11 bobbie gentry - fancy
12 don fardon - indian reservation
13 The Brian Jonestown Massacre - It Girl

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