dimanche 25 octobre 2009

Dancing in the drone rain, a mixtape by the offline people

Babe killed my dreams. In this shack adorned with a cityscape I was melted and shrunk by words I wouldn’t understand. I walked past men lost in corners, carrying boxes to another place. I forgot what they said, a slur, when I strolled on a different side of the street. I was distracted by the sirens. I spent most of my life distracted. That’s what babe said. I want to play the harpsichord, hit some notes and a few drinks. I care about my act and like my looks sharp with a pristine suit. I feed on crumbs and smoke my cigarettes two fingers up in the air. And I create clichés to keep my legs standing. I scribble them in small letters hidden away from her gaze. But I’ve been seen through. Cut. It was well anticipated, perversely desired. The plucking was good. Some fall thinking they’ve been pushed, tipped over the edge. But sometimes it’s the legs which are too frail and the nerves detached below the lip. Babe’s in bed and I won’t wake her up. She’s allowed to have her dreams.

Achylles Brown

Dancing in the drone rain - a mixtape by the offline people by the offline people

Playlist :
01 ear - the koner experiment 01
02 ash ra tempel - silence sauvage
03 labradford - up to pizmo
04 colleen vs davis radford triad - echoes and coral smoke signals in the rain
05 brainticket - one morning
06 miwon - brother mole (john tejada mix)
07 ash ra tempel vs ricardo villalobos - le songe d'y g h
08 stars of the lid vs plastikman - dungtitled (in a nostalgik 3 major)
09 tape - beams
10 deerhunter vs plastikman - aquatik red ink
11 rafael toral vs craig leon - ring with three concentric amb circles
12 rafael toral vs domotic - there maybe an amb tiger

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