samedi 5 septembre 2009

Dans le korova milkbar, a mixtape by the offline people

Walking on a reversed land
Searching for bodies attractive
Minds of consent

Obliged by the concept of a bar
To soak up
Tidy a drink or five
In a wanton exuberance

The young, unrefined
Is testing the world’s willingness
To bow.

The cord cut
He’s cruising
The unfathomable might
Of his own defining

Generically catapulted
Unaware of his peers divergence
Or his elders resemblance

The djinn, the young

Achylles Brown

Dans le korova milkbar, a mixtape  by the offline people

Playlist :
01 basil poledouris - robocop main title
02 Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall (radioclit Remix) (Schlachthofbronx Remix)
03 alan silvestri - the chopper
04 major lazer - hold the line feat. mr. lexx & santigold
05 nico fidenco - from another world
06 tekitek - agent orange
07 mark isham - the son of mrs. toad
08 dabaaz - la plus belle ce soir
09 maurice jarre - book's sorrow
10 debruit - accable feat soklak
11 the saturday knights - mutt
12 charles bernstein - prologue nightmare on elm's street
13 roll deep - do me wrong (feat janee)
14 Lady Sovereign - Pretty Vacant
15 rone - outro
16 scarlett johansson - i wish i was in new orleans

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