mercredi 18 juin 2014

You Make Me Cry

 I read reviews, try to form an opinion. I am not sure why, I already have an opinion. I remember walking through Vallance Gardens, past the roadwork with the tarmac turned upside down and the road opened for Crossrail. The saturated organ pipe organ from Direct Line is blowing in my ears, or maybe it was already Caught Feelings, after the storm. All these sounds have been heard, the ambiance is not entirely new, but why have they not already been put together on a record? Caught Feelings must have made any sane person feel shame, or a lingering sense of complex emotions. And it keeps coming.
 Yes, there is the Youtube angle to the story, sounds put together, twilight internet wanderings, but this is not what I hear. It could have been an old tape, an old 16mm film. I just have that voyeuristic urge to hear Dean Blunt's constructed story.

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