samedi 3 mai 2014

Reissue of Nommos & Visiting by Craig Leon on Igetrvng records in june

"The Nommo are ancestral spirits (sometimes referred to as deities) worshipped by the Dogon tribe of Mali"*. At which level Africa influenced your albums? What about the themes of ‘water’ and ‘fluids’?
Concerning the Nommos, I have tried to recreate the music of the Dogons’ ancestors who, according to folklore, came from another world. In order to achieve this, I combined a typical Dogon rhythm (two contrasting counter rhythms like 6 against 4) with early ancient Greek melodies. I felt that it is how the music we inherited from this other world must have sounded like. Therefore it must be the most ancient folkloric music on Earth.

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"Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1: Nommos / Visiting" by Craig Leon will be reissue on june on Igetrvng records

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