samedi 17 mai 2014

Have A Nice Day

Stuff your face with bacon and eggs and doughnuts and go to the park. If you live in Stepney, East London, you will be spoiled for choice (mind you it's Shabbat, so no Rinkoff's, but the Chicken Shop/Dirty Burger is doing doughnuts now. Next to Trinity Green. Otherwise there's always cake at the Genesis or Foxcroft). Anyway, I'm off to the farm, stroking baby lambs.
I didn't realise this was the direction the blog was going in. But before I make a U-turn, let's hear it once and for all: it's in Stepney, not Whitechapel.

PS: I've just ruined my joviality by looking furiously for a bloody map proving my point. Why can't there be a boundary map for London districts easily accessible on the internet? And the weather now is grey.


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