mardi 8 avril 2014

Funny Face On Toast

 Just when I was wondering what happened to Anti-Pop Consortium and Rob Sonic - never understood why Sonic didn't do better, Telicatessen* was great, I think there's even a documentary about him saying he was fed up with not being more successful (did I dream this?) - reminiscing about a gig at Scala probably almost a decade ago with Beans, Sonic, Mike Ladd and Busdriver - now there's a line-up! - well, it turns out that half of them (exactly) appeared on this album by Tobacco, with Doseone and Serengeti as an added extra. From 2010, I didn't see it coming.
Neither did I hear Beans new old album End It All from 2011 - not sure if it was a threat - nor the tracks Tobacco did with Beck on Maniac Meat.
 Ah old Jacqueline, I've missed all this stuff and I'm missing some more but now I'm going to catch up soon.

*Telicatessen on YouTube

(and I'm adding Tobacco's latest as a treat: Streaker (2014))

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