vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Oizo Beat Rapido

Si. Hablo espanol. I'm learning Spanish. Enough of that. In other news Mr Oizo has a new Ep out. Free to download. Legal. Call me vieille-guarde but I am always very excited about a new Oizo album (incidentally, he hasn't made a proper album for a while, but he's been churning the Eps out instead).

 What I like about Oizo is that he never seems to care so much about having the hits, the collaborations that are a requisite for his business, this nasty business of selling records. Yes, he did make tracks and videos with Pharrell Williams and Uffie and Manson but one can't help but think that it's him doing them a favour (I've heard from a reliable source - young Lenny - that Manson was booed when he opened for Rob Zombie. The superstar Antichrist lacks lustre?; although his choice of starring in Dupieux's film might make him respectable once again, at least for a different fan base).

 Anyway, for Oizo, the man his is own man. Speedometer in the red set on free-spirit, deaf ears and bubblegum. It's the second time at least it happens to someone who has a massive success with his early stuff. There are probably a hundred others. One I can think of is Bill Drummond. Won't go deeper in the comparison because I'm not sure there's meat in the sausage as one would say.

 Bref, 'Amicalement' the latest Ep is in the same vein than Stade 2 and 3, which is all for the best. The beat is kicking hard, the tracks are short and scream dance-floor (even if I am more likely to hear them full blast on my headphones when walking towards the fish counter at sainsbury's rather than in a sweaty refurbished pop-up basement somewhere in the 'ditch). Manson 'appears' on Solid. Lovin' is another beauty waiting for your feet to jam on the carpet. When I think I used to not like Moustache (in 2005, that's when wearing a moustache wasn't a stigma and meant something, not that you were supporting cancer research or thinking it's funny. No, it meant that people were laughing at you, that your partner was threatening to leave you if you didn't shave and that) I was a cretin.

Who cares about Daft Punk? I thought they didn't care either. Viva Oizo.

*See extracts from Dupieux's awaited Wrong Cops on vimeo
and listen to the music via the links above (note that Stade 2 is on Spotify, just under a different name Mr. Oizo - it's the full-stop that matters)

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