samedi 20 juillet 2013

My Red Hot '68 Car

Gábor Szabó - Three King Fishers (1968)

It's Squarepusher in 1968! Yes, you read it right, 1968.
Spotify has another publishing date, as per. They also have some weird version of the Sunshine Superman album, could be some random compilation or something, the tracks are different from the original release (Donovan's version on Youtube here).

But on another note, who knew Drum and Bass had already been invented at that time. The drummer is Jim Keltner who played on She's Just y Style by Gary Lewis and the Playboys. He also played with about everyone in Rock'n'Roll in the 70s; Dylan, Beatles, Stones, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Cooper, well just do as I did, check his wikipedia page (by the way, I didn't randomly mention Gary Lewis because it was on Keltner's page, I did so because it's an old favourite of mine. Also, and this is strange, I thought I heard it first on the I Heart Huckabees' soundtrack, but I can't find any proof of this). Hal Gordon is on the percussions to accompany him.

Anyway, you can explore the rest of the album, it's a bit more of an acquired taste. Which I have acquired mostly, although a ray of sunshine and stagnant heat helps appreciate it better.

*not sure which one Keltner is on the picture, either Mr Abs or the flamin' one on the other side of Spector. I bet I should know who they both are. I don't.

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