mardi 7 mai 2013

Death Grips at the Forum, Kentish Town, UK 02/05/13

9.30pm they started. They started at 9.30 when I am wondering where the drummer is. Everything’s set, Burnett and Morin are on stage but there is no sign of a drumkit. There was one when the support band was playing I’d noticed, and while they hired the smoke machines used on The Fog to diguise it, I just want to hear it.

Burnett is already coaxing his limbs into positions only natural to a yogi master but disappointment is creeping up worse than the monumental fog in my merry heart – just before it sinks.
No Zach Hill then. It’s only a few days later that a friend in the know informs me that ‘yeah, he’s not part of this tour’. Apparently the man is unpredictable. Of course, because the other two are disciplined, caring musicians. Just ask their ex-label. Well, that’s it. Had it been the first time I’d seen Death Grips live, and had the soundcheck been more thorough, I would have thought this is a great gig. Venue too big maybe. But that’s all.

Just moaning I guess, but you’ve been warned – hopefully not too late. I think I’ll give it a year or two before going to see them live again. Not pissed off, it’s just better for my own good.

PS: Somewhere I must be right, I can't even find a video of the gig on Youtube. I know someone who has one, I'll report and update.

Thanks Lenny!

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