dimanche 31 mars 2013

Nommos by Craig Leon, live in Russia, 2013

"At the time I didn’t have enough money to produce the music organically. But this will be rectified when I record the ‘organic version’ of Nommos later this year. This will be the version I originally intended.

You mean that you will re-record nommos with a new instrumentation? Will you use strings for this version?
Yes, except probably it will be more winds and brass than only strings. Someone has asked me to do this and to re-create the ballet in a new way for a performance in a festival in St. Petersburg, Russia."

Read our interview of Craig Leon on "Nommos (1981), Visiting (1982) and Tape From Atoya with Arthur Brown (1984)", his answsers to our 20 questions and hear : Sirius Calling (unrealeased track).

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Craig Leon a dit…

Thanks for posting this. This performance is more of a "work in progress". Transition from the synth version to the new one.It's with a few strings and the newer pieces incorporated in it.The full orchestra version will hopefully be performed in 2014.

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