mercredi 13 juin 2012

HIGH ON HOPE de Piers Sanderson (2010)

High On Hope - documentary trailer from Piers Sanderson on Vimeo.

Acid House in the disused mills of Thatchers Britain

"How dance music in 1980's Britain went from an underground scene to the mass youth cult across the world. The acid house parties in the disused mills and warehouses of recession hit Margret Thacher's Britain were a reaction to mass unemployment and a government that wanted to appear tough on law and order. 
A story of northern idealism, community, police brutality, false imprisonment and the biggest mass arrest in British post war history. All set to a thumping music track of the biggest warehouse tunes of the time."

The film is ready to be released but we need to pay for the music rights. Please go to the DONATE page to make a donation and help get the film to its rightful audience.

Total raised so far – £4234 / Amount needed – £25,766

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