mercredi 30 mai 2012

Bill Drummond 100 - Confusion Has A Strategy

It could be us not making good use of information already available, or this is all part of a strategy. Or maybe we’re getting too close to instant creativity. Whatever it is, we might have found what you are looking for. Perhaps.

 100, the book where Bill Drummond answers 100 questions by several interviewers (including 4 questions by TheOfflinePeople) is now available. Where from, you ask? Now pay attention.
 The 1000 limited edition books have been used for a sculpture by Bill Drummond called One Thousand Books #1. They are arranged in the shape of a cube and the sculpture is on tour.

In May, it was at the Idler Academy in West London.
In June, it is available at the mail order shop Alimentation and in July it will be at News From Nowhere, Bold St, Liverpool.
 From then on it will tour the British Isles until it is sold out, so don’t wait too long to have a chance to get your hands on a copy.
 It will not be available from major retailers, including Amazon.
 If all fails, try the usual secret channels of retail alchemy, or call your plumber.

 Follow this link if you don’t believe us, it’s from the man himself: target="_blank"
 Alimentation link:

You might also like to know that Bill Drummond will be in Paris this weekend, actually just Friday. For more details see here and here (see at June 1st, The Lone Sweeper)

Good luck,
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