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Craig Leon, an interview on Nommos (1981), Visiting (1982) and Tape From Atoya with Arthur Brown (1984) plus 20 questions from TheOfflinePeople

Ramones first album - Ramones Plaza Sound, NY 1976. Craig Leon is on the right.

Craig Leon has produced ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by the Ramones, ‘Ghost Rider’ by Suicide, ‘Blank Generation’ by Richard Hell, and Blondie’s eponymous first album. It might seem hard to believe but promise, we’re not making this up. Although, that’s not all of it. He also co-produced – with Bob Marley and Lee Scratch Perry – Martha Velez and The Wailers’s LP Escape From Babylon. He has worked with Link Wray, The Bangles, The Pogues, Cowboy Junkies, and produced 3 albums for The Fall (Code SelfishShiftwork and Extricate) in the early 90s.

 In 1999, Craig Leon produced the single Maria for Blondie and the album Libera Me for Izzy. Both went number 1 that year.
Of course there is an infinite amount of questions we could ask him about his collaborations but we thought you might have already found your answers somewhere else.

So what interest us in this interview is Craig Leon’s own albums. The three albums are seminal confabulations of Minimalist compositions and metallic rhythms, at times bestial and repetitive. Nommos (1981), Visiting (1982) and Tape From Atoya (1984) feat. Arthur Brown.

We heard in these albums an echo of Harmonia’s Musik Von Harmonia and  De Luxe. We discovered the possible origins of VVV (the musical collaboration between Alan Vega and Pan Sonic; Endless and Resurrection River) and Autechre’s melancholic machines. Compare Autechre’s “Tewe” (Chiastic Slide) and Leon’s "Three Small Coins" and you will find the same rhythmic complexity soothed by synthetic drones, only 15 years earlier.

We are publishing this weekend the first part of Craig Leon’s interview about his music, later followed by his answers to the blog’s 20 questions.

Find out more about Craig LeonCassell Webb, and Arthur Brown

Craig Leon - Three Small Coins from Visiting (1982)
Craig Leon & Arthur Brown - Not fade away from Tape from Atoya (1984)

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