mercredi 8 février 2012

Who is Treplec?

Treplec, Treplec. Treplec real name is Nils Scheibe and is behind Milnor Modern Records (according to Discogs). So I went on the label's website and discovered his biography. The english version is somewhat experimental (can't yet read german, but let me know if the original version is any different).
This is my summary: Nils is German, from Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt. [I'll pass on the story about schoolgirls and orgasms] In 1998, with the help of a few DJ friends, he started organising club nights in a basement (of a club I guess) before moving to the Global Village in Elbufer. It's working for him so 5 years later he founds his own label Milnor Modern (Milnor could have to do with John Milnor, a mathematician who worked on differential topology, K-theory and dynamical systems. But probably not. This is my own Wikipedia guess).
He self-produced some of his albums and collaborated with Shatterhand Andre Koener "and then blablabla, he does some amazing music with his computer and puts together epic DJ-sets" [my quote].

So there it is, go on Milnor Modern's website, the artists they release are something close to perfection if you like a bit of experimental/extremely-danceable minimal techno. The Suffragettes are even better than anything Sub Rosa vs Kompakt has produced. I can't describe how excited I am [I wish I could].

Go and buy all their records (can't bloody find Treplec's The Moon Doesn't Exist in physical form and that's a crying shame), book all their events and keep the label going before it's too late.
Most of their artists are on Spotify

Treplec - Orsi Schreck (2006)
The Suffragettes - Chokou (2007)
Mathias Schaffhäuser and Xhin's Imperial Sauce remix by Treplec was on our January 2012 mixtape Dial a Crow

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