mardi 24 mai 2011

Short Circuit, Mute Festival, Roundhouse, May 13th 2011

After a bit of tramping along the way on a sunny evening, finally getting to Roundhouse for a promising 11 hours of repetitive beats, terrace smoking, bouncing sweat and beer and mosh pit-stalking at a safe distance, friend half-naked wrestling with strangers, head spinning, sunglasses on and off, reminiscing a few days later on youtube videos of the things I hadn’t noticed – Alan Wilder played with Nitzer Ebb, instrumental of Personal Jesus; recovering while dehydrated with a heavy set by Richie Hawtin gone trance-psychedelic, to an early ending, bouncers feigning that midnight was always the time until which it would go; so I left and got lost, Chalk Farm, Primrose Hill, Oxford street, under the watchful eye of the satellites without which I would have surrendered the soles of my feet to London’s finest tarmac and concrete floors.

It was quite a good night actually, shame I didn't manage to see Thomas Fehlmann, Thomas Brinkmann, T.Raumschmiere... did they ever play? And where? Stupidly missed Richard H. Kirk also.

Apparently some were luckier than I was.

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