lundi 14 mars 2011

All The Kurts Of The Universe

Well I was reading this interview of J Mascis in The Guide where he had to choose his favourite recent guitarists. One of them was Kurt Vile and I have to say I do like his album quite a lot (we're still on a first date basis but I think there might be more to it). Only worry, the voice. As good as it is, it's doppelgänger J Mascis. I suppose there is nothing (not much) wrong with that.

Kurt Vile - On Tour (2011)

Also from the same interview, but especially for the album cover (although I'm not sure if it's actually funny or if I'm becoming Butthead), Lecherous Gaze. They do have some good songs. Nothing new, but the solos...

Lecherous Gaze - R'n'r Lust (2010)

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