lundi 11 janvier 2010

Not a Pong

Ok, ok, it's Pat Metheny... I do hold a thing against jazz guitar, especially the heavy-on-the-synth-fx kind, but I have to say I find this track incredible. Plus it's with Ornette Coleman which doesn't spoil anything. It can be found on Song X and there is a 20th anniversary edition available on Spotify; a kind of director's cut from the original release. Most tracks are really good - as long as Pat keeps off the solos. Also to be noted Compute, the number 5 track, which could have been an embryo of Bisk (Moonstruck Parade is on Spotify too) and his 'cut-up jazzotronics' (yeah, I've made this one up).

Pat Metheny & Ornette Coleman - Video Games (1985)

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