jeudi 21 janvier 2010

Coil's influence follow up... Ben Frost

Ok, a little while ago I got talking about the influence of Coil in recent productions. It was in a post about the last album of Andrew Weatherall. I was referring to some of my favourite Coil tracks and I think this influence (either conscious or unconscious, it might just be in my head) was really positive.
Now there is the case of Ben Frost... /Actually I don't know. I'm currently rewriting this post as I'm listening to his last album By the Throat. I was about to say that it had received the less positive influence - the more Gothic and, to my ears, unpleasant side - of Coil that you can find on the Music to Play in the Dark 1&2, but now I'm listening to his album again, and after some time, I'm not sure.
Well, I guess, I'm going nowhere. Listen to By the Throat, listen to it again, give it a break, give it another go and make up your mind. But it does work as an album, no hit single in there. Start with Killshot - Ben Frost.

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