lundi 12 octobre 2009

Mudhoney. Camden Palace 11/10/09

Oh, it's terrible. In a way I wish I could report but unfortunately I might have overdone it a bit. And, dear me, I've never smelled so bad apart from a valerian tea. It's horrible, and I don't wish it to any one to suffer this. Mark Arm just looked like Iggy and daddy M went for the mosh-pit and mr D had his drink, but there was a bodybuilder quite scary in front of me and who would have wanted to mess up with him? Too long I've been typing this. Go and see it or go fuck yourself or maybe i'm too old and you're on the right track. Also maybe you should be listening to the fucking reasonably good warm-up band I can't remember the stoner name of. Good luck, if I don't throw up I'm lucky. Good night and good luck and what a delight we have alka seltzer.
By the way, I've got a joke from Nicholson Baker's last book: 'Sir, is that a steering wheel sticking out of your zipper? Yes, it's driving me nuts.'

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