lundi 21 septembre 2009

Literary Mashup #2

"My soul, so far as I understand it, has very kindly taken colour and form from the many various modes of life that self-will and an impetous temperament have forced me to indulge in. Therefore I may say that I am free from original qualities, defects, tastes, etc. What is mine I have acquired, or, to speak more exactly, chance bestowed, and stil bestows, upon me. I came into the world apparently with a nature like a smooth sheet of wax, bearing no impress, but capable of receiving any; of being moulded into all shapes. Nor am I exaggerating when I say I think that I might equally have been a Pharaoh, an ostler, a pimp, an archibishop, and that in the fulfilment of the duties of each a certain measure of success would have been mine."

from George Moore's Confessions of a Young Man, Chapter I, Swan Sonnershein Lowrey & Company, 1886

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